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Very interesting indeed. Galleries tend to be quite accommodating in allowing access (certainly on Francis Street anyway) – not least as they tend to be the most transient of tenants. Sure! Here’s the ladder for the attic! These are definitely worth a closer look.

Benburb Street is essentially the last street in central Dublin with terraces of virtually untouched traditional living-over-the-shop merchant houses and terraces – something which planners do not appear to have copped. Because so many of these buildings are sadly not Protected Structures, and because of the shameful lack of protection afforded to such buildings – or rather any rigorous policy that buildings such as these be restored on the part of the planning authority – means nearly all of these buildings will be demolished or at best mauled in the coming years. The only reason they have survived the boom is due to site assembly aimed at their ultimate replacement.

The hideous PVC windows are but the first step in this degrading process. It looks like it was the new owners of the building who put them in Devin, as it was for sale in the first picture. Presumably the gallery is a tenant? I really do not see why we cannot have an amendment to the 2000 Act that planning permission must be applied for when replacing windows in any pre-1900 building (at the earliest). A number of countries employ a similar blanket protection in respect of all changes to pre-1940 building stock; surely this wouldn’t be difficult to implement simply in respect of windows. Our historic buildings rely on fenestration so heavily for architectural expression – it’s crazy they’re being put in the hands of the likes of the above.

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