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And they’ve only a handful of them in that building anyway!

I never thought I’d say this, but well done to the PVC supplier in the case pictured below – these are the ‘best’ PVC replicas I’ve ever seen – located in a landmark Georgian building on Dundalk’s main street – but only from a distance. And even then the large shiny single panes are blatently evident.
Up close all is truly revealed.

I could not believe it when I saw the original sashes had been removed, having not been around this area for a while.
These PVCs look brand spanking new, indeed the paintwork around the frames hasn’t even been redone since. I wouldn’t be surprised if they were put in in the past few weeks or couple of months – though wouldn’t bank on it…

This is an absolute disgrace – this building simply must be currently protected, and probably in an ACA. I’m very suspicious that they were installed well after these legislative safeguards were introduced.
These would have been one of the finest examples of large Georgian sashes in the whole town 😡

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