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There’d be nothing to whinge about otherwise…

Well from tacking the old onto the new to sticking the new onto the old – here’s a wide view of that lovely terrace in Dundalk.
Look at the ghastly ‘restoration’ job just being finished off on the last house. Fair enough if the render needed redoing (is it lime-based?) but the windows??

And they’ve put in Georgian panelled doors instead of Victorian!
This whole terrace has been wrecked by replacement windows, and look at that painted house. The utter ignorance of the owners. This is what I mean about people not looking at their house as an architectural entity. They rarely consider it part of a collective whole – rather ‘this is my patch’ and I can do what I like with it. The roof’s had the builders on it too…

You see this sort of inconsiderate practice everywhere. Look at the mess of the terrace now.

I note that the very last house in the terrace with original windows has put in an application for works, which obviously include the windows given the absent one upstairs.

What’s the likelihood of them being restored? Much of Dundalk is now ACA designated, but nothing is mentioned at all on the application, including a supposed lack of protected status…

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