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Good news: Dublin City Council’s Conservation Research Manager and a council enforcement officer went to the site, and requested that works should cease. No work had been done on the other first floor window at that point, and the one that had been replaced was still on site. They said they’ll be pursuing the owners to reinstate it and to conserve all the windows. Fair play to Emmeline in the IGS and to the city council officers for reacting so promptly.

@ KeepAnEyeOnBob: Yes, there are PVC sash windows. I don’t know enough about window styles to answer the rest of your query, but my gut instinct is that if the frame doesn’t match the opening (rectangular frame in arched opening) it’s probably a shoddy replacement. In my own home, both the window opening and the frames are arched. I assume you mean something like this (from a post of GrahamH’s on page 5 of this thread):

You can see that while Oscar’s replacements are rectangular frames in arched openings, the house next door has arched frames in arched openings.

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