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Ah yes, Rusty Cogs, that’s life with steel windows and no central heating.. you had to be tough in those days:-)
I’m committed to keeping the steel windows in the 60s house I have inherited, but they need to be restored and I need to have secondary glazing, as I said in previous post, and I’m still looking for help re those two issues – does anyone know a company/tradesperson with a track record on restoring/repainting steel windows, and has anyone had reasonably-priced sec glazing put in – the only quote I’ve got [many companies don’t do sec glazing at all] was roughly the same as if I was putting in new PVC windows!
I’m teetering on the brink of saying ‘blank this for a game of sensitive preservation of 1960s domestic architecture, I need new windows and a warmer house!’ ….

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