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OK I was out and about on the rothar today with the camera in between the showers! here’s a few pictures of the remaining steel windows around my area. As I said there are so so many more around and I will eventually get around to photographing them all. I wont bore you by putting them all up here! here’s a taster of a few which can hopefully compliments grahams pictures. Please excuse the poor quality of the pics!

The houses on my road. Unfortunately none of our side have original steels, but there’s quite a few on this side that do.

And another 2 further up

Above the shops

In my opinion, the best preserved corpo house around – The Captains Road, Crumlin


A pretty double, although the picture doesn’t show it at its best

This house is rather nice on Rockfield

Further up on Rockfield, but for sale (eg big changes!!!)

Finally a house under construction on Rockfield….. someone tell me please how they managed to obtain permission for a house of redbrick on this road?!?!?!


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