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Oh I didn’t see this – great news!
I suppose they were Victorian plate before being replaced, so it’s apt that it goes back in. Just a shame modern glass is so very reflective – you end up with mirrored expanses of grey sky rather than deep black voids, but hey, can’t have everything. Good to see progress being made.

Alas a rare surviving semi-d composition bites the dust on St. Mary’s Road opposite the Crumlin Hospital 🙁



You can’t really appreciate it here, but the replacement frame is particularly horrific to the ground floor.

While around the corner near the village, this wonderful house is the second last steel-windowed property on a road of over 80 houses, representing a surviving stock of around 5%.

It has just gone up for sale…

Great typically solid Dublin house out Castleknock way. The garage must have been an early conversion!

Beautifully maintained example in Rathgar.

And a pair of others nearby.

Finally a Corpo house with original joinery. Shock!

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