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Ah what a fantastic thread!!!! Im sorry to say Ive only discovered it now! I was reading through the first couple of pages when I thought Id have to have a rant in defence of Dublins council houses – but Devin has saved me the trouble and taken some fabulous photos of them – almost all within 5 minutes walking distance of my house too!

As Ive said in previous threads, my fascination is with the Council houses of Dublin. Ive done a lot of ‘noticing’ of both windows and chimneys (for another day) lately and Im delighted to see this thread! I know of almost every house in my side of South Dublin with original windows and front doors (also for another day because some of them are amazing).

Theres also a beautiful house up on at the moment in perrystown with all original windows etc. Its a house Id love to buy its got all its iron windows, and its completely original inside, all except for an aluminium front porch door. Its the type of house that should be preserved – tis like stepping back into a scene from a 60’s movie. Unfortunately this house will be gutted and redesigned to modern standards by whoever buys it which is an awful pity. But thats the celtic tiger for ya!

here’s the link:

I must start taking pictures of houses around now before they’re all gone! There’s been a couple of awful changes one in particular on whitehall road just last week. Beautiful painted red wooden windows in a lovely bungaloe ripped out and replaced with modern PVC’s.

Also on the note of PVC’s – there’s been a lot of attempts at replicas of the original wooden windows around Crumlin and they just dont work… Bring in a grant to restore the originals please please please!!!!

(strange 17 year old who looks at houses)

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