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The sooner we get to the end of this page the better! There are so many images on it now that it even hops around for several minutes with broadband!


@GrahamH wrote:

The late Victorian plate replaced with mock-Georgian sashes, and a hideous boxy plywood concoction tacked onto the ground floor.

This is a big problem &#8211][/IMG]

Circa 2003 photo of No. 4 Dean Street (on the left), one of a group of three unlisted late Georgians opposite St. Patrick’s Cathedral, and the last one with original sash windows remaining.

During a recent refurbishment, the remains of an older shopfront was uncovered.

But sadly neither the old shopfront nor sashes with old glass were repaired and here is the finished job, with new, badly-detailed ‘traditional’ shopfront and sash windows, both in gic brown 🙁

Just as an example of the inconsistency of the Dublin Record of Protected Structures, there is another group of 3 houses – occupied by our friend Spar – adjacent to the Dean Street ones on Patrick Street (on the left, above), probably dating to the same time (the yellowey brickwork is due to a recent over-zealous cleaning). These groups of houses would’ve been built in the early 19th century to improve the setting of the cathedral.

But the Patrick Street ones are Protected Structures yet the Dean Street ones are not!

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