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The neighbouring house has beautifully maintained sashes, sadly such a rarity in Irish towns.

Around the side it has a classic Edwardian ‘seaside sash’ on the staircase – these are quite common in this area, as it’s near a river.

They tend to be more popular near water for some reason; maybe it’s just the Edwardian tendency to build near water lol. Nice bit of cylinder in there for the nerds amongst us. *whistles*

A grand late-Victorian streetscape nearby – lots of original features.

Magnificent windows in a delighful corner building on Chapel Street – what survivors! The ‘grand’ public facade to the street has later plate installed in the original sashes 🙂

Across the road, another amazing step back to the early 20th century. A lovely Victorian in the classic ‘Dublin style’.

And for what its worth, nearby, an incredibly enormous chinmey atop a miniscule vernacular terrace. What on earth?!

Surely a bakery orginally.

It’s sights like these that make Irish towns a joy to visit 🙂

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