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And already falling apart.

What pray tell, is the logic of these yokes?

What was once an intriguing, readable, well-proportioned vernacualar building is now just another piece of developer tat, smothered in yet more ubiqutous slurry of yellow paint. And how crass is the colour of the shopfronts.

As if to confirm the superficiality of the whole restoration, the chimney stack and degenerating roof have received no attention – the first on the list of any decent job.

It’s a shame to have to be negative on this, but really – there are so few elements to get right with a classical vernaular, and they’ve failed on all fronts. Even when protected and ACA listed.
I see An Taisce submitted on the application – can’t see what it says online.

Just around the corner in a separate development we have this plastic delight installed in a rubble stone warehouse conversion :rolleyes:

Nonetheless Dundalk, like many towns, is a treasure trove of vernacular design – it has street upon street of the most amazing period housing stock with original features. They’re so exciting to explore, and many are impressively ACA-protected, even if this means little on the ground.

Just look at this wee fella round the corner from the above development 🙂

It’s like a wendy house, with the most fantastic fenestration! There’s so much of this type of domestic architecture in the town. Alas I’d no choice to photograph it given it’s up for sale – those sashes are quite likely for the chop 🙁

And located in a delightful pair of cottages, the neighbouring one featuring once uber-cool early plate.

Lovely roofscape too.

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