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Hi Niamh – from the sound of things, you already know that it’s very possible to get timber windows restored or replaced, and possibly cheaper than total replacement, so no need to persuade you there.

The Irish Georgian Society has a list of experienced joiners on their site. It may seem terribly posh and conservation-focused, but these are all ordinary joiners, many of which do standard carpentry as well as more specialised work. I’d imagine most would be versed in the restoration of windows. If you rang the IGS, they may be able to guide you more specifically.

Sash Windows Ireland seem to be the biggest restorers nationally, though they don’t endear themselves to me with their promotion of PVC use in old buildings.

Marvin Architectural are another – don’t know as to their quality.

This post by cobalt is very helpful – it lists many.

There’s also the Yellow Pages – you’d be surprised…

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