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Above replied to in other thread.

More terrible stuff there Devin – the latter house in particular is truly shocking. It’s barely even recognisable as the same building, especially with those hideous synthetic slates. What a disgrace.

And that’s before it’s painted yellow.

It’s so sad to see all of these buildings being wrecked before protective measures beinf belatedly introduced. And even then let’s face, they don’t prevent original fabric from being lost in this country – rather protected structure or ACA leg often simply plays catch-up in forcing reinstatement after the damage is done :mad:. That’s what ‘protection’ regularly amounts to in Oirland.

A heart-warming scene in Drumcondra in Dublin at the minute.

If nothing else, the PVC door represents a knocking of surely at least €5000 off the value of that property.
Then again Drumcondra is no stranger to plastic, with Bertie’s own Edwardian constituency office stuffed to the gills with the stuff.

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