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@Graham Hickey wrote:

PVC ompanies are the real ones to blame in this – every single one knows exactly what they are doing when ripping out sashes – every one of them, yet couldn’t give two hoots.
I’d love to see them imbue their mission statements with the ethics of conservation as much as they wave about their ISO9000s in your face :rolleyes:

I totally disagree,

These guys are selling the cheapest product to people who want a weather proofing solution, the comparison i would draw is asbestos roofs which were widely used in industrial buildings up to the mid 1980’s. It is up to the Department of the Environment to regulate these products out of existence.

The vendors of uPVC windows have no interest in period architecture whatsoever, they see a market driven by price and beyond the initial site visit they probably never see the properties again.

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