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Hi Guys,

This is my first time posting here. I have read discussion with interest and am agreement with many points. We restore and manufacture sash windows in Co. Kerry servicing all over Munster.

We are being asked to quote for a lot of new build and have noticed a definite increase in business from pretty savvy customers. Like the member from Galway, to achieve the double glazing for Georgian 6/6 our glazing bar needs to be 35 mm for a 20mm Double Glazed unit. Since the turn of the year we are constantly being asked for 1.1 U Value Glass which is 20mm. There is no way to achieve the tradiontal and correct Georgian look with this spec. You have to use the stick on system with inserts. I agree it will suffice for large scale developments.

We try to keep our customers to 14mm double glazed units allowing us to achieve the georgian look and are currently reducting our 35mm bar down below 30mm still not 100% tradional.

I think sash windows and timber windows are full of character and are far more environmentally friendly. Our business allows us to keep old skills alive. Show me a 100 year old PVC window! They are unproven over the long term. We recently refurbished sash windows that were well over 100 years. They turned out exceptionally well. While I have self interest at heart regards sash windows I also believe our surroundings are enhanced by them. PVC is not what we need in this country any more and we have completed two jobs this month where the old pvc was ripped out and traditional sash put back in. The pity with PVC when it is fitted is the old boxes are damaged in the process. That is my two cents.

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