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@GrahamH wrote:

How do you mean it ‘wouldn’t be on’, cobalt, to have glazing bars applied to the surface of the glass? Granted, the notion sounds preposterous and truly hideous in concept, but in execution it’s quite a good compromise.
As featured earlier on the thread, here are Wynns Hotel’s in Dublin doubled glazed sash windows as newly installed about two years ago

The building’s listed. The windows are in a terrible state (cracked glass and rotten frames) – I got a guy out to look at them and he was of the opinion that they’d have to be replaced, not repaired. If I’m getting new windows, I’d like to them to be as energy efficient as possible, but at the same time as close to the originals as possible. If I could just put 2 layers of glass in rather than one, and have them otherwise identical to the originals, that would be great. But I wouldn’t want to change the dimensions of the glazing bars (which are quite narrow). And having a stuck-on frame would just annoy me with its falseness every time I looked at it. Besides, I doubt the planning authorities would permit it… although surely Wynn’s is listed? How did they manage that?
I know Ventrolla is permitted – I need to look into it more. Also, I presume I could (single) glaze with high efficiency glass – how effective/costly would the best quality single glazing be in comparison with conventional glass double-glazed?

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