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Lovely windows KerryBog2 – esp being a big fan of that continental casement format :). What makes them of course is the feature that is also mentioned on their site: the all-important sight-lines of the functioning parts being maintained with the rest of the frame, so there’s no bulky or otherwise different opening parts evident. Makes the world of difference.
Also shallow casements like these generally don’t alter the appearance of a building when opened like top-hinged windows do, as the angle created is hidden at the top and bottom of the open window maintaining the straight lines of the surrounding facade, whilst top-hinged ones crudely break them by their angles blatently protruding from the wall.

You’d still know yours are alu-clad, but not in a bad way though :). Nice use of tan paint there on the skirting – adds something different to what is usually a rather predictable yellow.

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