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Stop it! Just stop it! Haven’t we suffered enough?!

God – what can you say….the main facade of the mill house is an abomination, those windows would make you vomit.
What a loss, not least with Wyatts being so rare. There is now no character at all to the house, save the doorcase that might as well have been salvaged from elsewhere.
How can the owners not see that the windows were by far the primary architectural features of the house?! Without them it is nothing – it relied on them more so than most period buildings.

And is it just me or have they rendered over the front steps? Maybe it’s just the work of the old pressure washer.

House owners are really gonna love you Devin, going round snapping their houses before and after 🙂 – though admittedly I’ve had a tendancy to be doing the same over the past couple of years 😮

Yes the Wyatt replacements on the other house aren’t great either – I’ve seen smaller horns on bulls 🙂

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