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Finished our house last year and used Danske windows. Found that Marvin are fine if you want a basic sash (sliding up/down) window but any different style increases the price considerably.
The Danske windows have a very dense grain in their timber and the powder-coated aluminium on the outside is very well finished. The glazing bars are an integral part of the window structure, rather than that horrid “ornamental” strip. They can be ordered pre-painted on the inside if required. A feature I like is the lack of a mullion (centre bar) for the side-hung windows – the ones we have. In Ireland Danske are primarily a source of industrial windows but I believe they are branching out into residential. They have a showroom off the M50 in Dublin. I’ve no links with either Danske or Marvin.
Their English language web-site is rather poor and a new one is under construction. In the meantime look at
PS. I disagree with GH above that all modern windows look like flat inserts

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