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How strange – only today I was passing through Mount Merrion Avenue and adjacent roads, surprised at the amount of cream aluminum that has cropped up in 1930s and 1940s housing there. Must be the latest D4 fad. It looks decent enough, certainly better than PVC.

However there was an interesting case of two houses right next to each other – one had cream aluminum frames while the other had timber frames painted exactly the same colour. There was little contest in my view as which looked better: the timber looked so much more substantial, architectural and simply more pleasing to the eye than the aluminum. Whatever the undoubted benefits of the latest versions of PVC and aluminium, they still cannot help looking like mere flat inserts in buildings. The lack of depth or relief in their frames can rarely match the more structural, sturdy appeal of timber that makes windows look like a part of a building rather than thin sheets stuck in to cover over the window holes.

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Ah now Devin, don’t be too hard on yourself 😀

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