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Yeah, it was a private development – one of the very few of its kind in the city. Although it doesn’t look it from the photo, the 4th floor PVC is very noticeable – it just jumps out when you look up at the building … hugely damaging. If more goes in this winter, it will be disastrous.

This is the former Fairview Grande Cinema (below) in Fairview, a fine example of a ’30s cinema with ‘stripped classical’ feature in the centre. It’s not a Protected Structure, so in theory the steel windows could be removed or other unsympathetic alterations could occur tomorrow and it would be perfectly lawful.

An Taisce Dublin City have asked the Council to add this and Cherry House to the Protected Structures list – but they will avoid adding any more buildings at any cost. They plead lack of resources, and that they can only barely manage the ones they have. But in the meantime architecturally significant buildings are being thrashed…

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