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Yes unfortunately this is the case everywhere – it’s only the house that has fallen into disrepair that still has its original features, notably steel windows. Any house that retains them is ripe for ‘renovation’, i.e. the binning of steels.

Anyone see the repeat of Grand Designs tonight? A couple building a modernist-inspired home by the sea; they used PVC much to the initial disgust of McCloud, but they didn’t look too bad when installed as they were very geometric in design, with no evident opening parts:

Inside though they looked appalling with those ghastly big childishly chunky plastic handles – one of the worst aspects of PVC.
Overall it would have looked so much more elegant with steel though.

Similarly an original Art Deco home was on the night before – and they ripped out the original steels! 😡 The PVC installed in its place was disgusting in this case.
One other time an enlighteded couple decided to replace all of the existing shot steel windows with new steel in a 1930s house. It was modest in size, similar to ones about south Dublin, and it cost them £20,000 sterling…..

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