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Steel is a big problem – does anyone know of a single average domestic case where steel windows have been restored?
Even well-meaning owners probably cannot find steel restorers/manufacturers. White PVC is as good as gauranteed to replace 99% of steels. It’s the logical option for most people – move from the hell that is decaying steel frames to maintenance free PVC.

Right now one of my relatives has a house with the last steels on the road, but PVC or aluminium are being considered as the only options. It’s not so much that these materials are being considered that’s unfortunate, rather that steel is not.
It isn’t even in the radar – the arguments of ‘why would you want more sticking and jamming and draughts and rusting and repainting’ are coming up.
It’s the material itself that is being criticised rather than the lack of maintenance of the windows. You might as well talk to a brick wall such is the anti-steel sentiment out there, which is understandable to a degree.

Steels are also not the best advertisements for themeselves either – franky there might as well not be anything in the window apertures at all in many cases such is the frames’ uselessness in the heat and sound insulation departments. The fact that new, double glazed sealed models are available is of little consequence to most people unfortunately.

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