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Indeed. It is so frustrating to see this happen in too many places. In the Sunday Times recently there was a letter published with someone looking for advice on the purpose of a 99 year lease a developer was utilising as part of the sale of houses in his estate – I was bowled over that any developer in Ireland even considered using such a device anymore!

It’s a tool that really ought to be used as standard; too often developers are just throwing up estates, flogging the houses for a quick buck and legging it. To hell with how the place will look in 10 or 20 years time – windows, doors, boundary walls, gate piers and extensions can be added or altered at will, with no consideration for a cohesive whole.
Indeed I’ve been watching a housing estate near me going up over the past three years, and even as it is being constructed people are choosing to install white PVC in what is an otherwise exclusively brown windowed and ‘faciaed’ development.

Also the most farcical, most ridiculously overscaled, most cumbersome porch extensions and roofs are being added onto the 3yr old houses in the first phase – again with much of the estate not even finished! And as horrible as it is, the standard developer sunny yellow is already being replaced on some houses (all semi-ds) with magnolia or cream! The most pointless slightest varitation in colour, but just enough to upset the whole cart, and of course just enough to stamp clearly ‘this is my patch’ :rolleyes:

If we cannot even design our residential buildings properly in this country, the very least we can do is insist that a coherent and ordered look be maintained.

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