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At the risk of inviting ill-informed opinion from the anti-conservation brigade, I think there’s an argument for ‘protecting’ new builds, whether in the form of a ‘closure’ rule whereby no changes can be made for, say, 10 or 20 years, or in the form of providing a selection of options (designed by the original architect) from which owners can choose their replacements. In the latter case, personalisation – an critical right for the image-conscious society in which we live, where many now see their exteriors as reflective of their interiors (both architecturally and personally- jeez, I’m sounding awfully like Richard Sennett now!) – would be facilitated within design parameters, while an element of overall design cohesion would be retained.
I’ve always had a hard time understanding why people buy houses they don’t like and then spend big sums remaking them in their own image, even when choice was more of a feature than it now is in today’s ‘wherever I can afford’ culture. Is it location and, by extension, status? The price of former local authority houses in Dalkey would tell you as much, as would the existence of Dublin 6W, as would the recent argument about the apartments in Swords/Malahide. But I digress…
Ultimately, this argument comes down to a) aesthetics, as there is no environmental reason on earth why someone would use pvc over timber, and b) a discussion on where we draw the line between the right of an owner to private property and the right of the general public to an inoffensive public realm (i.e. the duty of an owner towards their neighbours). But this is Ireland, and me feinism will usually win the day.

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