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Yeah, that’s it – you just get to know the general appearance of them (after lookin’ at so many feckin windows!). Another way of telling is if you’re inside the building, you can usually see the scars of where the glazing bars were removed (filled with the Victorian eqivalent of polyfilla!), or you might be able to see from the outside if it’s a ground floor window.
The light is crap in these photos (below) of the 1st floor windows of No. 49 (left) and Brady’s on the corner (right, slightly blurry), but you can see that it’s the same window with the glazing bars removed on the right.
Only removing the glazing bars to get the new larger panes of glass rather than replacing the whole window was a very ‘make and do’ thing to do, wasn’t it? 🙂


Here’s another example of bad Georgian sash window replacement; I was passing Windsor Terrace on the Grand Canal a while ago and took a picture of this beautiful early 19th century sash window with old glass rippling in the light (top). Lo and behold, next time I passed the old windows had been replaced with these copies (above) making all the usual mistakes: crude fat glazing bars, pieces of wood used to hold the glass in instead of putty (which you can see are coming off at the bottom of the top sash), and non-Georgian ogee sash horns.
So you have the double whammy of loss of irreplaceable original fabric, and bad quality replacement 🙁 .

The building is on the corner on the right, below.

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