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Indeed – though worse I think is the chunky modern mouldings, especially if they stand proud of the glazing bar itself as in this case.

I can vouch for how horrible those PVCs look in number 47 having looked on in horror seeing them for the first time a few months ago not having been in the area for a while. What made it so bad until right now was that it wasn’t clear if they replaced original sashes as I couldn’t remember! I’ve been searching for an older photo since!
So at least your pictures Devin are something of a ‘relief’, though clearly not in relation to the clumsy repros, nor the PVCs that have gone in, regardless of what was there before.

Glad to hear an official complaint has been made.

Just on the idea of the reinsertion of sashes in the No 47 yellow house, even if done correctly which design would you go for? Given the pane formation of the aluminiums, it is highly likely this house had two-over-twos installed in the early 1860s. So which would you put back in upon replacement: c1820s Georgians, or Victorian two-over-twos?

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