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Yes one-over-ones can be made very well with double-glazed panes, though the windows I’ve seen could have been reproductions. The dividing metal strip between the panes does tend to stand out a bit – though by no means in a major way.
Monty here before I think said this strip is unnecessary….

Would you not want to conserve the original glass cobalt? Frankly heavy curtains can be as good a solution as any in some cases, not least south facing rooms!
If you don’t have individual room thermostat-controlled heating, there’ll be no benefits whatever in the energy consevation department if you have your heating going regardless of the room’s temperature as most people do.
So having double-glazing saves you no energy at all if you still keep the heating going for the same amount of time.

Of course that’s not a reason to leave things as is. Indeed I’d like to know too what is recommended by experts for energy conservation with older windows – aside from the clumsy internal secondary glazing option…

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