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‘The Wood Shop’ – you gotta love it 🙂
Lovely facade – a design classic to be seen all over the country.

That’s certainly strange about the original sashes on T Bradley – perhaps the first floor was used as storage while the top foor was the living accommodation? You see it all over Dublin where new plates were put in from 1900+ in the attic storeys of Georgians, as many were presumably converted into an apartments or small offices to bring in some extra cash.

That’s a shame about the pub – those windows are even worse than PVC (never thought I’d say that :)).

I wouldn’t approve of PVC used inside windows either – just think it is a disgusting material full stop in the from currently manufactured. Trinity uses it for many of the windows on the West Front, presumably elsewhere too.
Likewise the College of Surgeons has them fitted inside and they look awful – God only know what they look like from inside and how they relate to shutters and architraving etc…

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