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ha,ha…you are so blinded my friend.
i thought firstly that the cao was country wide so everyone can avail of the ‘bare leaving cert’ ( whatever that means ) gmit castlebar campus. this campus happens to be in the west. so what!
i am not evading anything at all. and what facts? you said we go to college more. i suppose it doesn’t fit in with yours and a lot like you that the culchies should live in thatched cottages and the like. it is that sort of ignorant shite that had this country on it’s knees for 50 years. but it does remind me of a joke i heard…. what does the average dubliner call a culcie? boss.
we did not choose the settlement pattern as you suggest. it is borne out of necessity.
not everyone wants to spend 300,000 plus on a mortgage that ties you for 35 years on a house in an estate. this is what is happening in the country’s towns. estate after estate. perhaps you think this is the ‘proper’ way to live but a lot of people will disagree with you on that one. personnally i think that is hell. why would anyone choose to live like that when if you have land you can build. your utopia is exactly that..yours. why would you push your idea of a way to live on anyone else. your arogance has made you assume that your way is the only way.

“You make no net contribution, either looked at as a group or per capita. You receive a subsidy from central government – which essentially means a transfer of resources from Dublin and the Mid East region. Your suggestion that Western taxpayers make a contribution to Dublin is simply wrong, and that is the core point I want you to concede. I don’t have a problem with the idea that national resources should be shared. I just want to you to acknowledge the plain fact that this happens, and to give up your wrong and insulting suggestion that the Dublin region does not share its resources. “
i said that i made a contribution to dublin. it is entirely true. as was pointed out in another thread and as you say it goes to centrral government. now if you can prove that every cent that i have paid goes into the west then by all means go for it. i would be delighted to know that but also pretty pissed off as what did they spend it on? we have no proper roads. but this isn’t just a western thing as you are trying to make it. this is all around the country outside the pale.i am from the west and living here,

“The Western Development Commission information confirms you are educationally advantaged compared to other regions.”
ha,ha…have you ever visited the west or anywhere outside dublin. i would suggest a trip and go see some schools.

“Earlier, you were complaining about people needing to leave the region. The process that includes one-off housing is one of the things that screws the West. If you see no problem with farmers selling sites, then please don’t complain about the social cost. “

i wasn’t complaining. i told the fact. i did myself but i was lucky enough that i could return. how does one-off house screw up the west? and i never complained about the social cost at all. i suggest you rerad what i type.

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