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that’s a nice stat. we go to college more. what is your point there? i can only assume that you are saying that we are more intelligent. lower class sizes…it may be very true because there isn’t that big a population here. during the dark years they emigrated or moved to have probably parents who are from the should see the schools though. i do. i work here and do a lot of work trying to fix them up and make them at least bearable. most places are falling down around the kids because there isn’t the population to make it viable to either improve the existing to a good level or replace them.
there is nothing here. our children have to get educated and go to college to get anywhere in life. and basically leave the region. the reason we pay less is because there is less people here. we have less services so we pay less services charges. there are less jobs so we pay less tax. this is nothing about having cork people pay for eyre square. it is the sheer arogance to think that jackeens pay for the lifestyle we have outside the pale.
our sities (and i speak for every city outside the pale ) has no public train system and dublin has two. there is a motorway between cork and dublin. and why shouldn’t there be. cork is the second largest city we have. there is not motorway between galway and dublin and when they will finally have one we will have to pay tolls. why is this? because throughout the years all the european money has gone to improving the road network around the pale. i am not saying this is a bad thing as it is the capital and has the biggest population but don’t tell me we are better off.
you arguments are based on that you think that we are all sponging off the tax payer. i am not a farmer, my family don’t have land. it is true that farmers are getting paid to do nothing with their lands and can then sell sites off but why not. farming in ireland is dying. it used to be our chief occupation but it is now not viable for ordinary farmers to make a living. their family’s spend generations since the land grap of ’22 working the land so why not in the times of pleanty make money on it. this is the thing. IT’S THEIR LAND. they can do with it what they want. if they want to put up houses for their children on it then so be it. ( i have heard twice last week farmers getting permission for their 3/4 year old children ) they pay service charges for it. they pay their way. not as much as others i admit but they don’t get the same service.

( thomond park : i don’t use patrick street in cork. that argument is utter nonsense just like your arguments in a previous thread )

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