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Rory W

@mickeydocs wrote:

I think you missed my point. I take the train everyday over my car because I believe that if we are to champion a solution we should use the solution.

Traffic in Dublin/Cork/Limerick/Waterford…etc, etc is a nightmare. We are over-reliant on the car. Enough of the clichés. My point was that if reliability is the reason why people returned to using the cars then we have a very difficult battle on our hands getting the Irish commuter public to use trains.

I do not trust Irish Rail with their existing strategy. The Irish Govt has proven itself wholly incompetent in relation to large scale infrastructure development. The Luas was a very expensive joke. I do not want to see another cent spent by these buffoons. This will be a case of throwing more good money…

1. Why not make these people accountable for the vast sums already spent. Let’s start by using capacity on the commuter trains as part of the ‘metro’ dart solution.
2. Why not insist on improving tax deductions to commuters. I previously lived in Belgium, where I commuted 100Km each morning. My monthly train ticket cost 40 euros and included metro, light rail, bus and commuter rail!!!!!!!!!!
3. Why not put regional development back on the agenda. Why do people living in Drogheda or Kildare have to travel to Dublin. Why does the government not actively promote Drogheda as a good location for fdi?

In answer – 1 – Commuter Trains, this morning I had the Joy of standing from Drogheda to Pearse, if this aint capacity I don’t know what is!
2 – Agree whole heartedly – I don’t enjoy spending almost 2k per annum for standing
3 – House prices are the reason people live in Drogheda or Kildare, it aint by choice you know! There is no value for money to be found in the City.

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