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I am the one responsible for the website I understand that the current designs are very basic and may not satisfy your requirements. However, these are the type of houses which most irish people can afford to build. Bespoke architectural design and high construction costs go hand in hand. Everyone is entitled to have their own house and they should not be condemned if they cannot afford an outstanding design.
The liffey, dee and larah are weaker designs I must admit. However, I believe that the barrow, blackwater etc. are more closely linked with the Irish vernacular than some of the minamilist boxes which would be greatly praised as being great architecture. Surely a contemporary design will look even more out of place than the “liffey” in the irish countyside. ( As an aside the “liffey” was actually designed by a member of the RIAI, who donated the design)
The site is currently offline. It will soon return. I the mean time, I am sorry to offend your delicate tastes, but we all need to make a living at the end of the day.

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