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Docklands Authority Welcomes Planning Scheme Approval for Poolbeg Peninsula

Extensive Public Consultation will be part of the process

The Dublin Docklands Development Authority has welcomed the approval by the Oireachtas Committee on Environment of the preparation of a Planning Scheme for over 100 acres in the Poolbeg Peninsula area.

Following the recent purchase of the Irish Glass Bottle site as part of a consortium with Bernard McNamara, the Docklands Authority now occupies a significant site on the peninsula.

The Dublin Docklands Development Authority Act includes a provision whereby the Docklands Authority can develop a Planning Scheme and extend its Section 25 planning process to appropriate areas covered by the Docklands Master Plan.

Commenting on the new Planning Scheme Paul Maloney, Chief Executive, Docklands Authority said there was an urgent requirement for a co-ordinated approach to development of this uniquely situated area so close to the city centre. “The planning scheme for the Poolbeg Peninsula will create a unique opportunity to develop the area in a way that delivers sustainable mixed use development, while at the same time preserving the natural heritage and developing amenities. We are particularly anxious to maximise potential for social and affordable housing and to provide a family friendly living environment.”

“The planning scheme will indicate the manner in which the area should be developed; and will set out policies in relation to land use; distribution and location of development; infrastructure; the development of amenities and conservation” he said.

The Poolbeg Planning Scheme process will include extensive consultation with residents, community representatives, Dublin City Council, Dublin Port and the landowners and stakeholders in the area. An Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) will be carried out as part of the Planning Scheme and a four week public consultation period will be included as a key element in the process.

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