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Reading the article on the glass bottle site, E425 million for the site! and there are calls to allow a maximum of 2 storey offices! how fantastic would it be if there was a new high density high quality centre in Dublin an extension to the city centre, housing a huge amount of people and putting an end to the westward drift/sprawl. It really is ridiculous, the locals complain about traffic, overshadowing etc, the bigger picture should be seen people quality of life is seriously compromised with all the commuting, to a new housing estate with no facilities in the middle of nowhere! They should move the port and come up with a framework for the area, with phased development and a collosal number of apts, shops, recreation etc.

Exactly!!! I absolutely think something massive should be done with the site. Its been sold as ‘Dublin’s best development site’, it should be redeveloped with a huge bias towards high-rise. I personally think they should aim for a cluster of towers in the 25-35 storey range coupled with a dozen 12-16 storey shoulder towers and a couple of other 10 storey buildings filling in the rest of the site.

They should also make sure that the area is kept as a proper community with schools, creches, community centres, parks, cinemas and restauraunts all along the foot of the edifices. As well as keeping the area alive after office hours the facilities and amenities at the bottom of the U2 Tower-like buildings I envisage will sort of stick the buildings and streetscape together so they aren’t just floating, alien glass boxes.

And if the neighbours complain of overshadowing, then buy them flood lights so they’ll never have to worry about shadows again!

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