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this will be a massive development site and there will be absolutely no limits on density and height once the quality of life is there. It’ll be similar to the neighbouring development by Fabrizio which was granted by the Bord earlier in the year. there will be hundreds of apartments and houses, retail, offices, etc. sandymount residents can fck off. There’s a huge park between them and the site and it will really only affect people living in that estate in Ringsend known as Legoland which is opposite the entrance to the site.

i think the port will move eventually and something along the lines of the PD proposal will be built. However transport will be an issue. LUAS won’t be enough. We may have to revisit the DTO strategy to serve Poolbeg if it’s to become a major development area. However, it can be done and we should have a 25-30 year land use and transport strategy for this part of the city.

everything you say stira is true, about the bigger picture. The inner traditional suburbs of Dublin have a lot to learn about traffic issues if they believe squeezing development out to Wexford and Meath will rid them of the problem. The opposite is the case, as has been proven

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