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The info is available at the following link. You may need to contact the Heritage Officer in Kildare Co Co directly to get the book sent to you

or just google “reusing farm buildings” and it will come up

Here is some of the speel:

“This publication highlights some of the threats to the survival of these farm complexes and, through a series of case studies, provides suggestions as to sensitive modification and alterations to farm buildings as well as design considerations that can encompass and respect the historic fabric whilst creating contemporary living accommodation.

Whilst it is targeted at those responsible for the care and continued use of farm buildings – farmers, developers and architects – this publication will provide food for thought for anyone with an interest in rural buildings and the challenges they present.” Written by Laura Bowen and Nicki Matthews in partnership with Kildare County Council and the Heritage Council.

They also have a booklet on the thatched houses of county kildare but i’ve not seen that

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