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Thanks for the link, what a fantastic renovation.

As you’ve said people take on a cottage renovations with all kinds of romantic visions in their heads but very little practical information and experience. As a result of this, when they get the the challanging structural issues they take advice from the wrong ‘experts’ and often destroy their dreams and a little piece of culture.

The website will include several case studies of peoples experiences as well as advice from actual experts who are interested in the restoration and preservation of cottages and the landscape. I will be providing information on all the difficulties, pitfalls and costs but I will also be including the success stories and visions.

I hope that if people have all of the information available to them, hire the right people and get the right advice from the start then more will be encouraged to renovate than bulldoze and build common bungalows for the sake of ease!

Would you be interested in being interviewed about your experience with renovating this cottage for the website? I am very interested to hear architects experiences and visions as there is going to be a section dedicated to them. My email address is, if you’d like to email me.


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