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you’ll find that the topic was architect’s applying for jobs as planning officers. I merely stated that I wouldn’t do it because the planning authority has no authority any more. It is impotent. Bord rules ok. It’s not sour grapes it’s simple fact. The system is flawed and until we can come up with some method of stopping even simple schemes stagnating for up to a year we’re going to get nowhere

1. Approved pre-validation companies, paid out of the planning fee. That way the clock starts ticking the minute it’s lodged

2. Period of time for observations cut to 3 weeks. By the end of this 3 week period the LA should have a reasonable idea of the way it is going to go. I doubt the LA needs anyone’s opinion on scale or design. Observations should only be of use if they indicate a breach of law or invalidate an application for legal reasons. There is no need to repeat these observations in long winded planner’s reports

3. Period of time for decisions cut to 4 weeks. This allows 1 week to review observations and decide to Grant or request additional information. This can be extended for any scheme over, say 50,000sqm or one requiring an EIS

4. Period of time to decide on further information – 4 weeks. Thus an application without Further Info should be back out within 4 weeks, 12 for FI assuming applicant returns within 4 weeks

5. An Taisce and their like stripped of the option to appeal regardless of whether or not they have entered an observation

6. The LA should have the right to decide whether an observation is vexatious or simply mindless. If so judged these should be invalidated and disallowed from appeal to ABP

7. Period of time to appeal to ABP – 2 weeks

8. ABP to be forced to decide within the stipulated 18 week period unless circumstances are absolutely exceptional.

Total timescale – 22 weeks – even that is a laughable length of time but better that the 40-50 it can take at the moment

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