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Re Dundrum Asylum

Yes it is indeed amazing how much space there is on that site.

If redeveloped it is likely to have a huge, and very negative impact on the already chaotic traffic in this area, (one narrow road, constantly choked in the peak with Dundrum / Mountial slopes area traffic). Just as the apartments at Milltown Bridge have already helped make bus travel in this area near impossible, with much vehicle turning in and out of here causing the road to move at a snails pace,

Indeed it is remarkable how little apparent interest there is in the future of this very important site, with no suggestion for any amenity use of the Dundrum site in prospect. It would seem that it has already been discarded by the locals, the high wall making it out of sight, out of mind. However x thousand apartments might wake them up.

Regarding the wall – is it not probable it would be retained?

Another land block here that must be very vunerable is the Marist Fathers land slightly closer to town on the same road.

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