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Emailed SDCC about Newlands Cross, actually got a reply fairly quickly.
Basically there is something in the pipeline, they they will do the obvious – either tunnel or build a bridge for the N7 but no more than that …

(either way a pretty messy job no matter what way you look at it, fairly unusual to have a full 12 flow junction all on the one level)

Still has to go through all the planning hoops & your woman completely missed my point that this work should have been timed to be completed with the red cow.
Probably looking at 2011.

” Dear Mr. Fitzpatrick,

South Dublin County Council and the National Roads authority are
currently examining proposals to upgrade the Newlands Cross Junction.
It is proposed to remove the traffic lights and create a free flow on
the N7. The R113 (Belgard Road- Fonthill Road) will be examined in the
context of this proposal. The options suggested include building a
bridge for the N7 and maintaining the R113 (Belgard-Fonthil)l at its
existing level or tunneling the N7. The scheme will be required to pass
through all the necessary procedures for planning approval: Public
Consultation, Environmental Impact Statement and Oral Hearing before
proceeding to design and construction.

The NRA are currently undertaking the three lane widening of the M50 and
the Outer Ring Road Phase 2, (Adamstown to N4) is on site, whilst Phase
3 is at tender with a view to commencing on site late 2006.

If you have any queries please contact me.

Donna Lakes

Senior Executive Engineer”

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