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@Peter FitzPatrick wrote:

Newlands Cross is pretty bad & there are no plans to resolve it.

It will be the only remaining junction once the Naas Road Flyovers are finished (this September) & the Red Cow removed by 2008 …

It will be horrendous when not only the The Naas and M50 is upgraded but the entire N7/N8 which will be average 110Kph into a set of red lights and a busy junction! surely there is someone planning to do something about it.

Sdcc. are really make sponge cake out of the road network. they spends millions on the QBC through already conjested Naas road, but leave the rest of the Naas road in tatters including the Newlands junction:eek:

Is there any architects that could upload a photo of their ideal interchange at newlands cross?? just a suggestion.

Dunkettle give me a break. It’s not that bad the N25 underneath moves perfectly the roundabout itself has traffic lights of course but nothing worse than it’s made out to be. Afew free flowing slips added on all lefts will greatly ease congestion. Even putting a cloverleaf interchange would actually bring ever faster traffic hitthing the lee tunnel which will not help in the long run.

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