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Why not build a linear high-density city in the Midlands between Athlone and Mullingar? Surely a central location would be more beneficial to the nation as a whole than spending decades trying to counter-balance the East with a new city in the West, or the proposed sprawl of the NSS. The West already has two cities – the Midlands has none.

The Midlands is criss-crossed with good roads and rail lines already. Land between Athlone and Mullingar is fairly cheap compared to the rest of the country – much cheaper than most of the West. Sourcing water supplies, electricity etc is no problem. It would allow people to live in Dublin, Sligo, Galway and so on and communte into the Midlands or vice-versa. For people who would live in the new Midlands city, the countryside would be within easy reach as well and the Shannon/Royal and Grand canals are woefully underused in terms of amenities compared to similar water ways in other countries.

A lot of the infrastructure for a Midlands city is already up and running – just place the buildings and industry around it. There is even a closed railway running from Athlone to Mullingar which was built for double track and could form a Dart line right though the heart of this new urban center. Seems to me building a major city there in the Midlands and forgetting the NSS would make a lot more sense and be delivered much faster. (of course, I know I am in dreamland here.)

Has the idea of a large city for the Midlands ever been proposed other than that stupid “Triangle Gateway” farce in the NSS. When you think about it all that’s missing is the buildings and the people – everything else is already there. Why not put all our eggs in one new urban basket and forget about the NSS shotgun effect and hoping it works.

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