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I think that any proposal to build a scheme of 6,000 units serviced by nothing other than a road link is audacious.

If planners are considering this seriously they should be dismissed without notice.

I agree with Angry Rebel that there are not 250,000 vacant units being actively marketed in places that are convenient to the major employment centres.

However if the stamp duty issue meets such disunity post election as it has pre-election then there will be a similar number of houses for sale and no-one in a position to buy them. Given the importance of the property sector to the economy the current vaccuum can only be considered to be a case of serious mis-management of the economy. In 1977 the abolition of domestic property rates led to a boom that bust. The current situation could be best desribed as a market in a death by punitive tax psychosis. Prices are falling and estate agents fees rising if that doesn’t tell you the way things are nothing will.

To talk about redeveloping Dublin Port whilst the market is collapsing is dishonest. I saw Durkan homes doing a single home renovation in Hampstead last week do you think they’d be doing this 2 years ago?

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