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I agree with Frank T on the bad bits. That extension window is horrid. “Sprocketed eaves” is a good description Ctesiphon but does that not apply to the fascia? The question was <>

The fenestration is unbalanced – too many glazing bars in the upper panes of the French doors and lack of symmetry in the window over the doors, although the same pattern is carried through to the window above the entrance. Looks like an example of the original Indian bungalow, complete with verandah, with the latter scaled down and the windows enlarged.

The “Think Tank” is nice, but it could never work as one for me, to much glass and water. The latter is always changing colour and texture, things happen on it and it leads to total distraction. As for the jetty stretching into the sea, well, that cries out for a boat to go sailing in and to hell with all thinking!

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