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@marmajam wrote:

define ‘single metro line’

Its one of one, a standalone project that relies on the interconnector to make the fact that it terminates at Stephen’s Green seem slightly less crazy.

@cgcsb wrote:

since the line to Maynooth will be electrified, do people think this would be a good time to open more stations on the line? For example one in the Phibsboro/Glasnevin area at prospect rd. and Croke Park (although the limited space would be an engineering challenge). Perhaps also at Kylemore road or Le Faneu rd. When you look at the current dart line there are alot of stations fairly close together should the new system not emulate this?

Plenty of potential for further stations, i presume there will be many calls for same once people realise there is a dart line on their doorstep.

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