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Postcard from ‘E. Ní F’ to Fr. Aloysius Travers, 13th January 1921.

Postcard to Fr. Aloysius Travers OFM Cap., Church Street, from ‘E. Ní F’ declaring that a ‘very small room for your friend’ is ready in August. The author also affirms that ‘we have had a very quiet time in Rinn but you know we are very much behind the times’. The photographic postcard print shows refurbishment work on Liberty Hall after its destruction in the 1916 Rising. The banner across the façade of the hall reads: ‘James Connolly murdered May 12th 1916’. Prior to the Rising, Liberty Hall acted as a munitions factory. It was on the street in front of the building that the Republican leaders assembled before their march to the General Post Office on Easter Monday. They left the building vacant throughout Easter Week, a fact unknown to the British authorities, who chose the building as the first to be shelled. It was completely levelled by shellfire from the gunboat ‘Helga’ during the Rising but was faithfully restored afterwards. In the late 1950s, however, the building was declared unsafe and was promptly demolished.

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