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I couldn’t agree with you more Stephen – indeed I was about to get some pictures of these very stores.

It’s great to see a good news story emerging here – Grafton Street has been upping the stakes enormously over the past 18 months or so. There’s some beautiful shopfront design evolving on the thoroughfare, especially at the south-western end near South Anne Street – there’s almost a Chic Row emerging here, with unit upon unit of sleek modern design.

By contrast the Northside, while benefiting in the short term from major new retail complexes, will in the long term suffer from out-dated ‘mega-structural’ developments cloaked in uninspiriing two dimensional glossy tiles, with bloated rendered backsides spewing out into various important views in the city. And clearly not even existing decent stock is safe either.

Incidentally, before the event disappears into the annals of time, the opening of the new Dunnes a few months ago was the most extraordinary spactacle the city centre must ever have witnessed since 1916 – only this time it was a consumer war. I just happened to be passing and went in to see the new store, not knowing there was 50% off all stock until getting inside. It is impossible to describe what utter mayhem there was; I have never ever ever seen a store so full of people in all my life; there was literally thousands of people in there: a swarming sea of shoppers slowing rippling across four levels. The shelves were almost empty, there was stock thrown everywhere, the security guards were standing around pretty much helpless, the queues for the checkouts were at least 100 deep across the store, lasting well over an hour, and the escalators and lifts were completely jammers. It was actually frightening at times, with an every-man-for-himself atmosphere pervading the store. Absolute madness – it was fantastic to see such a consumer orgy in all its glory.

Spectacular marketing Margaret – gotta hand it to her.

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