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Well something with windows would be a start. πŸ˜‰

I don’t know that I’d put the canopies in the same bracket as the Why Go Bald sign, but you might be right when you say they could be considered apart from the building, and they are certainly very representative of a particular period of Irish design history (though as a fan of modular origami, I might be a little bit biased in my admiration.) They’d make a kind of sense in Collins Barracks in a way, no? Or maybe in the garden at IMMA. πŸ™‚

Incidentally, I felt the same way when Pelican House was demolished. On the footpath in front of the building stood street lamps of a complementary design (2 or 3 of them?), unlike those on the rest of the street. They disappeared in the redevelopment.

And come to think of it, I still haven’t found out what became of the wall-mounted sculpture from the ground floor of the Riada Building in Dame Street (now Starbucks). But I’m getting off topic…

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I can’t believe I missed your post the first time round (festive cheer?:o ), and I haven’t been up that way in a while, but that Dunnes is woeful. Just looking at that picture makes me feel queasy; there’s something very unsettling about it. I should go and see it in the flesh.

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