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@GrahamH wrote:

That pic sort of gives an example of something that baffles me about streetscape development by local authorities in the Republic. How is it that they’re often able to use cobblelock for raised junctions, speed bumps and pinch points and yet continue to surround these areas with egregious poured concrete*. Now I realise that reddish cobblelock is hardly the most attractive paving surface but its vastly superior to farmyard style concrete. To my unfamiliar Northern eye, the latter always gives projects a half finished appearance at street level. Couldn’t budgets at least stretch to a tarmac or cobblelock finish with actual kerbs when more flashy paving is deemed beyond reach?

Another thing that assaults my aesthetic sensibilities – said he clutching both lapels and sounding ever more profound – is the needless use of two keep left signs on one pedestrian island when a single illuminated bollard, as used on the second island, would have sufficed. It’s just annoying clutter:
@GrahamH wrote:

It’s very pedestrian-friendly, only too much so – the vast plaza-like space here simply encourages pedestrians to wander willy nilly about the roadway.

The hooded traffic lights lead me to believe they haven’t yet finished marking out the new road layout. If this is the case, future road markings might provide a better demarcation between pedestrian and vehicle space.

* Yes it appears they’ve avoided the poured grey stuff in this instance. Give DCC a star. :rolleyes:

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